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Integrity. Honesty. Expertise. If a deal isn’t a win-win for all parties involved, there’s no deal. That’s what we believe in here at Minihan Group. That’s what sets us apart from the crowd.

We do the right thing and in doing so, we build long term partnerships with investors who are looking to build a property portfolio in the north of England.

Our founders, Janice and David Minihan have been international property investors since 2007 in their native Australia and have made Burnley, Lancashire their home for the last several years, quickly making a name for themselves in the area.

If you’re looking to invest ‘up North’ but it’s not practical to source and manage the project yourself, we can help.

From sourcing the property, to liaising with all parties to ensure a successful refurbishment, to furnishing and letting – we can take care of everything.

Our aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible, which is what makes our end-to-end service so attractive to investors, both experienced and new.

Want to be more hands on but don’t know the area? That’s fine – check out our Familiarisation Days.

All investors are different. We know you will have your own goals when it comes to investing so we take the time to listen to your requirements and source specific properties that slot perfectly into your portfolio. 

Let us know how we can help you today. Call us on 01282 570599 or email contact@minihangroup.co.uk.


Single let? HMO? Commercial property? Tell us what you’re looking to add to your portfolio, we will discuss the specifics with you and then source your perfect property.


Managing a refurbishment is a frustrating and time consuming job, let us take it off your hands by acting as your property liaison and dealing with it all, beginning to end.


When it comes to furnishing your newly refurbished property, we know what works. No matter the property type or your target tenants, we’ve got the experience to get this right.


When the property is ready to go to market we will introduce you to agencies who have a specific focus on the type of property you’ve created to find you the perfect tenants quickly.


Looking for a competitive quote? We have a carefully chosen pool of trusted insurance brokers who can provide competitive quotes for your properties. Let us introduce you, save some money and a lot of hassle.


We can offer competitive quotes for gas, electricity and broadband, all on one bill. Why not get in touch today and see what we can do for you?


  • Buying a house is said to be one of the most stressful experiences most people will go through.  That was absolutely not our experience buying with Minihan Group. From our very first conversation, it was clear that we were dealing with sensible, practical, professional and above all, very friendly people.

    Having rented a number of properties, we were interested in buying our own house and had been looking for a while.  When our landlord decided to sell the house we were renting we expected to have to rent another before being able to buy as time was an issue.  Whilst looking for a new place to rent I had a telephone conversation with Janice about a house she had to let. I’m very glad we met when we did.

    Janice and David helped us buy our first home. At no point did we feel as though we had to squeeze our needs into a choice of ready made options, instead, we felt we had the freedom to create an entirely new arrangement, a contract tailored to our needs, which worked for everyone involved.  Because of this approach and the freedom that came with it, everything moved smoothly and quickly forward, from first conversations and meeting, to getting the keys to our beautiful new home in a matter of just a few short weeks.

    From Minihan Group, you can expect excellent communication, be that on the phone, in person or on paper, all documentation was clear, concise and complete.  You can also expect a great and friendly service. We’ve found that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s always better to be dealing with good people. That is exactly what you will find in Janice and David; good people.

    At the end of a remarkably short and pain free house buying experience, we are delighted to be able to wholeheartedly recommend our new friends Janice and David Minihan to anybody who needs to buy or sell their house.

    C. Billington, July 2016

  • I've used Janice services to view few properties for me. I have to say I'm very happy with the speed and professionalism. After viewing 10 properties, I had all of my papers ready in a day. Brilliant. Thank you Janice. Will definitely use your services again, it is so much easier and convenient for me. Thank you!

    Regards, I.Genova, 2017

  • Having never been to Burnley, I had no idea what to expect or where to start when it comes to investing in the area. I could have spent weeks or even months learning for myself and potentially making costly mistakes investing 300 miles from my home. Just one day with Janice took that problem away. Her knowledge of the town and her experience of investing in property in Burnley is invaluable. From sourcing deals, project managing refurbs through to managing the property and tenants, I feel like I have found the right person! I am looking forward to working with Janice and her team and would highly recommend that anyone looking to invest in the town starts with a call to Janice.

    D. Amos, Jan 2020

  • The familiarisation day was very helpful and interesting and I enjoyed talking all things property.  We were driven around the different areas and Janice was knowledgeable about each area and the strategies that would work in them.  We even did 2 viewings so we got an idea of the type of properties available and saw Janice’s latest refurbishment, great. We saw Estate Agents and the town centre and were given an overview and some statistics on Burnley.  Lunch was lovely too. I did already know Burnley but only to shop in, now I feel I can move forward with my BTL hunt. Thanks for a great day Janice.

    H. Axtell, 2017

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    We would like to send you a few words of thanks and appreciation for the way our property sale to yourself was handled.  The experience was a very positive one, enabled particularly by your prompt communications and commitment to work through any issues and find a workable solution for both parties.  It was refreshing to deal with someone who proved to be honest and reliable throughout the process. 

    D & A Eastwood, January 2016

  • I have known David and Janice for over 10 years and found then to be extremely honest, trustworthy and people of their word. In business dealings I have had with them they were excellent to deal with and prompt as well as keeping me informed. 

    Best of luck, Bill S

  • Thank you for all the help you gave us since we started in Burnley, you were a real life saver when we met you and have had a massive impact on our portfolio. I hope we will get the opportunity to work together again in the near future.

    All the best of luck with your ventures, I am sure it will be a huge success.

    N. Scott, Scott Baker Properties, Jan 2020

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If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, you’re not alone, and we do have various solutions that we can provide to completely change your situation.

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Some say there’s no such thing as passive income, but by definition, that’s what we provide. Generate handsome monthly returns without any day-to-day involvement. Looking for higher returns by getting into HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation)? That’s our specialty, so be sure to call us to learn more.

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