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Our refurbishment service

There will always be some projects where you just don’t want to be involved in the refurbishment process. Perhaps you live too far away from where you invest, or perhaps you just don’t have the time or inclination to get involved in the dirty work.

That’s fine. You just need a project liaison.

You need us. Experts who are on hand to manage the whole process for you. From builders to bedding, we can handle it all.

No more:

  • Finding tradespeople
  • Being let down by builders
  • Being at the property for inspections/waiting for services to be turned on
  • Cleaning up after each part of the refurb
  • Arranging access for each tradesperson
  • Worrying about security

The list could go on!

Property Refurbishment

Just invest

With us as your project liaison you’re able to invest in property and get all of the benefits without any of the hassle.

We will always get multiple quotes and get your agreement on budget and large individual expenses.

As investors ourselves we know the importance of completing projects on time and on budget so we will treat your refurbishment no different than we do our own.

The Minihan Group advantage

Using us as your project liaison won’t just save you time and hassle, it will save you money on the refurb too.


Because we have relationships in place with every type of trade you will ever need. We put a lot of work their way so we have access to discounts and special terms you couldn’t get yourself.

More importantly though, these are all trusted tradespeople. Trusted because of our experience in dealing with them, not just because they have good reviews from anonymous people online.

We select the best people for each job depending on your property and the results that you want.

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We are the "property transformation specialists"

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