An introduction to investing in Burnley

Familiarisation Days

Familiarisation Days from Minihan Group are the ultimate introduction to your new ‘hot spot’ of investing potential here in Burnley, Lancashire.

During these four hour sessions we will share all our local knowledge with you that will prove invaluable when you’re looking to invest here.

The conventional wisdom is to always do your research, especially when buying in a new area, but what if you could get more information than you could ever find on your own? Information that just isn’t accessible to the general investor population.

That’s what our Familiarisation Days give you – the secrets, the stories from the front line, and what you really need to know in order to be successful here.

What we will look at

Over the four hours we will:

  • Go through various strategies in detail
  • Look at BTL, HMO, commercial and other investment opportunities
  • Show you actual projects we have worked on
  • Introduce you to our own varied portfolio and tell you why we’ve bought what we have
  • Discuss landmark developments in the area
  • Crunch numbers over lunch, tailored to your individual strategy
  • Go through our current strategy as investors in Burnley
  • Introduce you to Burnley in detail – where to invest and where to avoid
  • Give you all the tools you need to invest in Burnley immediately

Where else could you get that level of information and all in only four hours? Why only do your own basic research rather than getting access to proven strategies and inaccessible levels of insight?

Arrange your tour

Whether you’re new to investing in general or just want to get to grips with investing in Burnley at lightning speed, we can help you succeed.

Get in touch now to arrange your Familiarisation Day. We look forward to meeting you.

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