Bring your property to life

Furnishing your property

If you’re planning to let your property furnished, we can do this for you.

It’s time to bring your new property to life. It’s time to create someone’s new home.

If it’s a commercial space you’ve got, we can help with that too – we cater for all property types.

We have a range of handpicked local suppliers allowing us to furnish your property perfectly in tune with its type, the refurb that it’s had, and your target tenant’s needs.

If needed, we can also go out and purchase soft furnishings and other cosmetic finishing touches locally and we will be on hand to accept all deliveries as required.

Furnished Bedroom
Furnished Kitchen

It all starts with design

Of course, before we can order any furniture, we need to design how to make best use of your space. This is where our experience really makes a difference. We know how to show your property off in the most effective way to attract the right tenants whilst being sympathetic to the practical needs of each tenant.

As with all we do, when furnishing a property we always have the win-win in mind. The chosen furnishings need to fit in with your investment priorities whilst providing the tenant with the style and quality of living that they will expect.

Again, all this will depend on a myriad of factors:

  • The type of property – house, apartment etc.
  • The type of let – BTL, HMO
  • The location
  • Expected rental income
  • Your target tenant’s demographics
  • Your strategy for the investment

All these will play a part when deciding how to furnish your let.

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Consult the experts, save yourself time and hassle whilst making sure your new property has the impact that you want. Both for yourself and for your tenants.

We are the "property transformation specialists"

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